Fish On

It is not often that I put up a special offer of such a new image, but the requests have been coming in since my return from a visit to an eagles paradise, and I couldn't help but offer up one of my favorite captures of the 2 sessions I spent there. This weekend only the image is available at 25% off of a 12x24 inch metal print that comes ready to hang for your viewing pleasure.

Fish On captures one of the over 200 bald eagles I had the opportunity of observing at the famous Conowingo Dam in northern Maryland, one of the largest populations of the species in the lower contiguous 48 states of the United States. This beautiful adult was making its way over the human observers with a fresh catch, on its way to a high treetop to enjoy its lunch away from the competition of other birds. This image made it all worthwhile, as this was my first 'close-up' capture of one of these majestic birds with a fresh catch in tow.

Featured image for 5/18/18-5/20/18

The special offer this weekend is 25% off a 12x24" ready to hang metal print

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