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The mighty American Bison stands as one of North Americas most iconic creatures on the continent. No other animal can hold this claim, as while relatives exist elsewhere on the planet, the bison only exists in North America. The symbol of life of the Plains Indians, and nearly wiped from existence out of sheer spite of that life, the Bison is on a slow rebound, with numbers once again growing, and wild herds found healthy throughout the American west.

Sending out this weeks offer in honor of a dear friend passed with whom I spent a few photo sessions seeking out these majestic creatures. While we were quite lucky on this particular trip to have such close subjects, I will always fondly remember his theorized technique of attracting them closer by rolling down the car windows and cranking Adele out of the car stereo. In his own words, Who DOESN'T like Adele.

This weeks offer will extend into next Monday, and 50% of all sales will go to the daughter of my dear friend who passed. Thank you, and see you all next week with a new offer!

Featured image for 3/20/18-3/26/18

The weekend's limited offer is 40% off of regular sale price, printed on ready to hang metal in 4 sizes: 8x12, 11x17, 16x24 and 20x30

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