Mountain Roar

Heading a few years back in the vault this for this weekends special offer and taking a look at an image from a trip to the southern end of Colorado, and one of my favorite towns to visit, Telluride! The town is nestled in a magnificent box canyon, and Bridal Veil falls adorns the back wall of the canyon like a crowning jewel in an already stunning mountainous tiara.

Bridal Veil falls is the tallest free-falling waterfall in the state at 365 feet, capped by the well known power house at the top of the falls. The hydroelectric station was built at the turn of the century to provide power to a nearby mine, and is still active, using the power of the waterfall to generate approximately 25% of the towns electricity.

A stunning display of the power of nature, and quite an awe-inspiring feeling to sit at its base and hear the roar of the crashing waters resounding off the canyon walls all around while cooling off in the rainbow-flecked spray.

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